Jobs at Goldsmiths

Jobs at Goldsmiths

Senior Research Associate - TROMPA

Vacancy Type
Contract Length
10 months
Full Time
39,306.20 - 53,013.61
Interview Date
Beginning/mid July
Contact Details
Catherine Bellamy,
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Goldsmiths, University of London, is proud of its reputation for innovative and challenging thinking across its wide range of disciplines. One of its major strengths is its interdisciplinary ethos - the way in which departments, centres and units interrelate to offer new perspectives and insights.

The Department of Computing is renowned nationally and internationally for its interdisciplinary research from a strong base in computer science. In the 2008 research assessment exercise, 20% of our submission was judged world-leading and 40% internationally excellent. The panel stated that the "inter-disciplinarily of the submission is strongly commended and contributes substantially to the diversity of UK research in this area." They went on to say that our outputs "demonstrated a body of research of a quality that is internationally recognised, internationally excellent and in a significant proportion of cases, world leading." Our research environment was described as "substantially of internationally excellent quality" and it was noted that "the strategic focus on the creative industries … contributed in very large part to a vital, sustainable and credible submission."

The UK team of the EU Horizon 2020-funded TROMPA project ( ) seeks a full-time Research Associate with excellent technical (computational) skills and a background in musicology to develop and publicise music-research use-cases and/or investigations based on TROMPA tools and resources. The RA will be employed for 10 months (with likely extension of 2 months)  at Goldsmiths under the supervision of TROMPA’s UK Principal Investigator, Prof. Tim Crawford, although remote working is envisaged for the duration of the current worldwide COVID-19 crisis.

Your work will form the basis for online demos and normal scholarly dissemination; a further important part of your duties, in the current crisis, is to ensure that the online communication and interaction facilities of TROMPA are experienced by an expanding worldwide community of ‘music scholars’ (in the broadest sense). For this reason, an active understanding of, and experience in, the use of social media and online resources for public engagement and scholarly discourse is essential for the post.

Applications from UK/EU will be welcome.


  1. Thorough familiarisation with the techniques enabled in the TROMPA environment
  2. Devising new use-cases to demonstrate the potential of TROMPA for musicology
  3. Selection of, and where necessary, gathering, extra public-domain musical scores (and recordings if needed) for use in the research
  4. Preparation of scores as machine-readable encodings (MEI), using OMR technology as necessary, or conversion from other formats (MIDI, MusicXML, etc.); data-cleaning
  5. Running of analytical or other music-content-based routines on the encoded scores
  6. Evaluation of results, based where possible on comparison with traditional findings from the scholarly literature

General responsibilities

  1. Contribution to writing and presentation of conference research papers
  2. Submission of regular internal and public reports to TROMPA blogs, newsletters and website
  3. Co-organisation (with Prof. Crawford) of a Music Scholars workshop in the final months of TROMPA